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Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks Video Series

Sean Bagshaw has updated his excellent set of videos entitled The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks. The second edition demonstrates how to use luminosity masks along with the TKActions V4 panel. (The PS CC version of TKActions V4 is included in the download folder.) It covers everything from basic luminosity masks construction techniques to using the masks throughout the image-developing workflow. Sean was a teacher before he became a full-time photographer. He regularly teaches luminosity masking in his workshops and has produced a number of other high-quality videos on Photoshop processing. This new series continues Sean's classic style of conveying large amounts of information though concise dialog while demonstrating a variety of different techniques using actual images. This is a very comprehensive set of videos.

While the series covers almost all the information in my tutorials, several of the videos also offer Sean's personal approach to using these techniques in order to help viewers consider new possibilities for their application. These videos will take some time to go through—they are quite thorough—and may require replaying certain segments and practicing on actual images. They are meant to provide a visual counterpart to my written tutorials, so if you are a "visual" learner, these videos are ideal to help you understand the written material and how apply these techniques to your images.

There are several sample videos from the series below. The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks, 2nd edition is available on the  Special Offers  page.