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sand and to stone and back again

Sand to Stone book jacket I am pleased to announce that several images from this website have been selected to illustrate Nancy Bo Flood's new book Sand to Stone and Back Again. Written from the perspective of sandstone itself, the 32-page book tells the story of how a grain of sand from the sea becomes a mountain of sandstone in the desert…it only takes millions of years! The sandstone describes how it changes shape and color throughout its life, becoming a variety of formations. The photographs of sandstone formations are striking, and ultimately show how geological transformation mirrors transformation in a child's life as they grow and mature. It soon becomes clear that these changes all lead to the same thing—beauty. Concluding with a kid-friendly glossary, Sand to Stone will deepen kids' understanding of this ever-changing rock and the desert landscape. –adapted from a press release by Fulcrum Publishing.

Click the image to order the book from Amazon.com.

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