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I have a goal of writing more about the things I love. For this website, that would be photography, the desert Southwest, and Photoshop. Like for many people, writing doesn't come easy for me, but the desire to share what I know with others motivates me to try.

So far I've completed several tutorials. The links below will take you to the them. There is a banner at the top of each page, like the one on this page, that will allow you to navigate the rest of this site. If you leave the tutorial and wish to return, use the "Back" button on your browser or return to the "Home" page and click on the link for "tutorials".

(NOTE: Copies of the tutorials in PDF format and Photoshop extension panels to do many of the steps described in the tutorials are available on the  Panels & Videos  page. Photoshop CC 2017 supports the latest version of the panels.)



Blogroll--Below are links to blogs from other photographers describing their impressions of these techniques and how they've applied them to their images.

André Distel (exposure blending)       André Distel (luminosity mask workflow)       Mark Graf       Alex Hare       Michael Breitung       Dorin Bofan       Richard Wong(1)       Ryan Cary       Ron Niebrugge (1)       Ron Niebrugge (2)       Andreas Resch       Alister Benn (1)       Alister Benn (2)       Kostas Petrakis       Steve Gledhill       Michael Pilkington       Richard Wong(2)       Mark Rupert       Don Smith       Interview with Marko Kulik       Joe Bridwell       Dana Foy       Robert Adler       David Vercruysse (en français)       Ken Koskela (web-sharpening)       Rajiv Chopra

Resources--Below are links to videos and eBooks that describe how other photographers have incorporated luminosity masks into their workflow. They provide detailed instruction that shows how quickly and creatively these methods can be applied when developing images in Photoshop.

Instructors--While written tutorials and videos offer significant assistance in learning these techniques, sometimes a more personalized approach or face-to-face time with an expert is the best way to get up to speed on what luminosity masks can offer. Below are some instructors that routinely contact me when they are offer training courses on how to use luminosity masks. While I've not personally attended their classes, their images and online content are a testament to their skill.

Feedback--I occasionally receive email about on the Photoshop actions and tutorials available here and, with the sender's permission, have posted some of it below.