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Since publishing the original tutorial on luminosity masks in 2006, many people have written to ask for help learning these techniques and implementing them in their workflow. Over the years I have offered actions, PDFs, and Photoshop extension panels to make it easy to start using luminosity masks. The latest offerings are below. They work equally well on Mac and Windows computers and there are options specific for Photoshop CC, Photoshop CS6, and Photoshop Elements.

I've also partnered with Sean Bagshaw who has created several excellent video series to explain luminosity masks and related techniques. His videos can be purchased below as well. Other international partners include André Distel in Germany, Antonio J. Prado in Spain, David Vercruysse in France, and Roy Yuan in China. The buttons below provide access to the panel and the teaching materials they have developed.


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Actions for Photoshop Elements--Luminosity actions recorded to specifically work in Photoshop Elements. Includes instructions PDF, four (4) different action sets for creating luminosity masks as adjustment layers and as active selections (rollover here for complete list). (NOTE: This item does not include a custom panel for running the actions.) Free!

TK Basic V6 panel
  • Includes the new  TKActions Basic V6  panel to easily make 16-bit luminosity masks using a real-time, mask-based interface.
  • User interface, workflow sections, core processor, and deployment options mirror the new V6 RapidMask2 module.
  • Also contains instructions PDF, installation guides, best practices for color management, and training videos by Sean Bagshaw.
  • Panels for both Photoshop CC and CS6 are included in the download folder.
  • This is a good option for Photoshop users new to luminosity masks to see how easy it is to work with these techniques using a TKActions extension panel.

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Photoshop CC
TKActions V5/V6 panels for Photoshop CC
  • Includes all 6 modules for both the  TKActions V5  and  TKActions V6  panels. Additional V6 modules are planned and V5/V6 customers will receive free downloads of new V6 modules when they are released.
  • Instructions PDF, installation directions, color set-up info, and introductory videos by Sean Bagshaw are included.
  • Works on both Mac and Windows computers. However, this V5/V6 product is only for Photoshop CC. It will not work in Photoshop CS6.
  • TKActions provides a mask-based interface using the advanced Rapid Mask engine to create 16-bit luminosity masks. The panel also includes automatation of Photoshop menu commands, web-sharpening, and access to many creative actions.
  • After installation of the CC panel, use the "TK" button in the Control module to access instructions and additional free content.
NOTE: Check out Sean Bagshaw's "V5/V6 Video Guide" below for complete video instruction for both the V5 and V6 panels.

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V5 Video Guide image V5/V6 Video Guide--Sean Bagshaw's video series providing a full overview of the TKActions V5 and V6 panels. samples   (NOTE: This does not include the panel. That's available separately above or in a combo product below.)
  • 28 video tutorials cover installing, features, button-by-button details, and how to use the TKActions V5/V6 panels.
  • Includes 5 new videos reviewing the new RapidMask2 module.
  • 3+ hours of in depth instruction.
  • MP4 format for compatibility with most video players.
  • Practice images included.

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TKActions V5/V6 panels for Photoshop CC + V5/V6 Video Guide
TK-V5-V6-logo + V5 Video Guide image

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Photoshop CS6
TKActions V5 panel for Photoshop CS6
  • Includes the TKActions V5 panel designed to work in Photoshop CS6  see it here .
  • Generates advanced 16-bit luminosity masks, runs Photoshop, plays creative actions, perfectly sharpens images for the web, and much more.
  • Instructions PDF, color management practices for luminosity masks, and PDF versions of all tutorials on my website are included.
NOTE: This CS6 panel will NOT work in PS CC. The "V5/V6 Video Guide" above provides in depth instructions in using the V5 panel. Due to the advanced coding required, there is no V6 panel for Photoshop CS6.

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TK Infinity Mask logo
Photoshop CC
TK Infinity Mask panel for Photoshop CC
  • Includes the  TK Infinity Mask panel , installation guide, instructions, and Sean Bagshaw videos on how to use the panel. Watch videos  here .
  • Provides an alternate method for creating self-feathering, pixel-based masks from mutiple channels using a 32-bit plug-in.
  • Shows the user a real-time view of the mask as it's created.
NOTE: This panel will NOT work in Photoshop CS6.

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CGLM-logo Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks, 2nd edition--Sean Bagshaw's video series providing a comprehensive overview of luminosity masks and their creative use in image processing. samples
  • Over 4 hours of video in 27 segments.
  • MP4 format for compatibility with most video players.
  • Sample images to allow users to work along with the videos.
  • Topics range from the construction of luminosity masks to their artistic application with different adjustment layers.
  • A complete resource for luminosity masks techniques ranging from basic to advanced.
NOTE: This series uses the TKActions V4 panel, a copy of which is included in the download folder.

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Complete Workflow logo
NEW! Complete Workflow: Northland--Sean Bagshaw's newest workflow video series covering development of his "Northland" image from Lofoten, Norway. Flat RAW files lacking color and contrast are expertly tranformed into a dynamic image with dramatic, but balanced, light, contrast, and color. TKActions V5/V6 modules are used throughout the proces showing their role the creative process. samples
  • Includes an insightful look at Sean's backstory and thought process behind how to develop the image.
  • Demonstration of Sean's unique process for creting dramatic skies that blend perfectly with the rest of the image.
  • An in depth look at using masks, brushes, and organized layers in a non-destructive image developing process.
  • Shows numerous examples of generating, selecting, and applying different luminosity masks.
  • Includes 10 video chapters plus image files for practice.
  • Nearly 2 hours of high quality video instruction by one of the leading teachers in landscape photography today.

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Complete Workflow logo Complete Workflow: Secret Beach--Sean Bagshaw's first video series covering complete start-to-finish digital development of a single image. The TKActions V4 panel is featured. sample
  • Insight into Sean's thought process, creative approach, and application of specific techniques on one image from beginning to end.
  • 14 video chapters covering all steps from tips for capturing the image in the field to creating a perfectly polished image in Photoshop.
  • Demonstraton of complex procedures like exposure blending and blending moving objects.
  • Shows how to use luminosity masks to make refined adjustments.

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EDR2-logo Extended Dynamic Range, 2nd edition--Sean Bagshaw's updated series covering the best techniques for realistically improving and extending dynamic range using Lightroom and Photoshop. (NOTE: Uses the version-3 TKActions panel for demonstration, but the techniques are directly applicable to the V5 panel.) samples
  • 36 video tutorials covering a variety of methods using single- and multiple-exposures to enhance dynamic range. This is a natural extension of what luminosity masks can do and many segments utilize them to blend exposures and control light in various tonal ranges.
  • 4 hours of instruction.
  • 1440 x 900 resolution.
  • Practice images.

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Thank you for your support and best wishes for good light −Tony Kuyper