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slot canyon imageThis tutorials page started in 2006 when I started writing about luminosity masks. I've never stopped researching them and other pixel-based masks. The original Luminosity Masks tutorial is linked below along with several others that I've put together over the years. Over time I've developed even better ways to make luminosity masks but have moved my instructional efforts to my blog. Please consider subscribing if you'd like to be kept updated on the latest information.

I've also become reasonably proficient in writing computer code to make these techniques easily accessible to anyone interested in trying them. The  Panels & Videos  page has a number of different products, including Photoshop panels and videos, that range from free and basic to detailed and comprehensive. Please check there for the latest tools to add luminosity masks to your workflow.

As you scroll down this page past the list of tutorials, you'll also find blogs and resources from other photogrpaher to help you better learn these techniques. Luminosity masks have been accepted worldwide as an important part of digital processing for photographs. Many blogs reference my tutorials and several photographers are experts at using the TKActions panel to incorporate them in the Photoshop workflow. At the bottom of the page is a collection of comments that have accumulated over the years from photographers who have found these techniques useful.


Blog-roll-Click the button below to see a list blogs from other photographers describing their impressions of these techniques and how they've applied them to their images.

Resources-The button below opens a list of photographers who make videos and eBooks that incorporate and demonstrate these techniques in their products.

Instructors-While written tutorials and videos offer significant assistance in learning these techniques, sometimes a more personalized approach or face-to-face time with an expert is the best way to get up to speed on what luminosity masks can offer. The button below opens a list of instructors that routinely contact me when they are offer training courses on how to use luminosity masks. While I've not personally attended their classes, their images and online content are a testament to their skill.

Feedback-Over the years I've received many positive comments regarding these techniques and the imapact they have had on the images of other photographers. Some of it is reprinted below with the sender's permission (NOTE: The links were accurate at the time the comment was posted, but over time, some of them may no longer work.)