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Since publishing the original luminosity masks tutorial in 2006, I have been deeply and personally aware of the creative impact they can have on each of us as photographic artists. Many people have written to tell me how helpful these methods have been (see user comments below) and to ask for help in learning these post-processing techniques. Over the years I have offered actions, tutorials, and luminosity mask panels to make them easy to use. The latest offerings are below. Some are free and others are relatively inexpensive. I sincerely believe that luminosity masks and the skill to use them can make photographers more creative.

I've also partnered with Sean Bagshaw who has created several excellent video series to explain luminosity masks and related techniques. His videos can be purchased below as well. Other international partners include Dieter Damm from Germany, Antonio J. Prado in Spain, Rafael Coutinho in France, Roy Yuan in China, and Nico Ruffato in Italy. The buttons below provide access to my plugins along with teaching materials my partners have created in different languages. The plugins work equally well on Mac and Windows computers. After completing your purchase, the download link(s) will be sent to the email address you entered at the time of purchase.

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TK Lum-Mask

Basic V6 panel

A free Photoshop plugin to quickly generate and deploy luminosity masks.

  • Makes 16-bit luminosity masks in real-time.
  • Multiple output options: adjustment layers, burning/dodging, selections, and layer masks.
  • Instructions PDF, installation guide, and best practices for color management included.
  • Works on Mac, Windows, and Apple Silicon computers starting with Photoshop 2022 (version 23.3.0).
  • Contains translations for six languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Chinese.
  • A good option for photographers new to luminosity masks to see how easy it is to work with them.

TK Gen Fill

TK Gen Fill plugin

A free plugin that makes working with Photoshop's generative fill artificial intelligence easy.

  • Create new documents or resize current document to optimal size.
  • Turn photos into paintings or drawings.
  • Conveniently cycle through variations.
  • Multiple options for handling generative fill smart objects.
  • Instructions manual included.

TK Selection Brush

TK Selection Brush plugin

A free plugin that uses the Brush and Eraser tools to generate and edit selections.

  • Create, add to, or subtract from selections.
  • Utilize Brush Hardness and Opacity to sculpt selections.
  • Select objects in addition to making standard selections.

10 Steps to Getting Started with Photoshop

10 Steps to Getting Started with Photoshop
  • Video course by Sean Bagshaw.
  • Covers Photoshop installation, image handling, and common adjustments.
  • Great for photographers new to Photoshop looking to get familiar with the program.
  • 11 chapters, 70+ minutes of instruction, practice images.
Get it from Sean

Linear Profiles

Information on using linear profiles for RAW file conversion in Lightroom and Camera Raw. Includes downloads for camera-specific linear profiles.
Get them here

Actions for Ps Elements

Luminosity mask actions recorded to specifically work in Photoshop Elements.
Get them here

NEW! TK Print plugin

TK Magic Mixer plugin NOTE: This plugin is English-only.


The TK Print plugin was an idea put forward by Sean Bagshaw to create an organized print-making workflow for Photoshop. It's based the concepts he and Zack Schnepf discussed in the Producing Better Prints video series (available below).

Over several months, Sean recommended the different sections and features. I coded these into the plugin and he tested and recommended changes. The end result combines selected Photoshop functions into a single platform dedicated to making prints. The plugin, along with Sean's TK Print videos series (also available on this page), outlines a logical workflow that allows for testing and experimentation with the intent of making the best possible prints.

Plugin features include:

  • Separate sections for each print-making step.
  • Tooltips to describe what each button does.
  • Solo Mode--only one section is open at a time (minimizes the panel's size).
  • Customizable options for file-naming, running supplementary actions, and adding logos and watermarks.
  • Back up and restore capability to maintain user preferences.

Whether you are new to making prints with Photoshop or are an experienced Photoshop printer, the TK Print plugin will make printing more efficient, predictable, and creative.

NOTE: Photoshop 2022 verssion 23.3.0 or later is needed to use this plugin.

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TK Print plugin

NEW! "TK Print" video series by Sean Bagshaw

TK Print video series


This video series is a comprehensive guide to using the TK Print plugin for Photoshop. Sean Bagshaw breaks everything down section-by-section and button-by-button. In the process, he demystifies the print-making process in Photoshop to reveal how anyone can use the plugin to make better prints. In the different chapters, Sean shows how the plugin can be used to quickly:

  • Create soft proof images.
  • Visually test alternative rendering intents and paper simulation.
  • Compare and adjust the soft proof with the original image.
  • Resize and sharpen.
  • Run actions and add a watermark or logo.
  • Automate routine tasks.
  • Fix problems.

There are chapters for each section of the plugin, and in the final chapter Sean demonstrates a start-to-finish printing workflow. It's this final chapter that shows how efficient printing in Photoshop can be once the various tasks have been brought together and organized by the plugin.

The TK Print videos are a miniseries compared to Sean's other courses, but still offer comprehensive instruction in an easy-to-follow format.

  • 90 minutes of instruction (English only).
  • 9 chapters, each focused on a single topic or plugin section.
  • MP4 video format.
  • Transcripts included with directions for adding English captions to the videos.
  • 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD video resolution.

While I coded Sean's ideas into the plugin, I didn't fully grasp its potential until I watched his course. A somewhat complex process is now quite simple.

TK Print video series

TK9 plugin for Adobe Photoshop

TK9 plugin


The TK9 plugin for Photoshop is the ultimate tool for enhancing creativity and control in Photoshop. Learn more.

  • Includes nine modules−Multi-Mask, Combo, Cx, Export, and five My Actions modules.
  • Much more than just a luminosity mask panel. The Multi-Mask module makes masks based on many different pixel-based values: luminosity, color channels, hue, color, saturation, vibrance, and Blend If settings. Also included are edge masks and focus masks.
  • All masks can be infinitely modified, and, with the Mask Calculator, combined through addition, subtraction, or intersection.
  • Multiple mask output options including adjustment layers, layer masks, selections, burning, dodging, mask painting, and pixel layers.
  • Dedicated 16-bit workflow ensures the best masks from creation through deployment.
  • Combo and Cx modules run many common functions in Photoshop with a single click and also include specialized actions for creatively developing images.
  • The new Layer Mask Calculator allows mask calculations directly on layer masks.
  • The new Export module perfectly sharpens images for web display and provides additional options for cropping, adding a personal watermark, running actions, and saving. Web-sharpening works on a single image or an entire folder of images.
  • My Actions modules allow creation of customized action lists tied to your personal actions on the Photoshop Actions panel.
  • Updated color-wheel-based color grading makes color grading easy and visually intuitive. The ability to save and compare custom color grades has been added. NOTE: Color grading requires Photoshop 2023 version 24.6.0 or later.
  • Edit Blend If provides easy editing of a layer's Blend If settings to control how the layer contributes to the composite image.
  • Layer Mask Mode provides immediate feedback when adding and adjusting different masks on the active layer.
  • Edit Selection provides visual editing of active selections as masks.
  • Compact, customizable footprint with smart menus that close when not needed.
  • Instructions Manual PDF included.
  • Easy installation using Adobe's Creative Cloud app. The same installers work on both Windows and Mac (including Apple silicon computers, like Mac M1/M2/M3/etc.). Note: TK9 will NOT work in any version of Photoshop older than Photoshop 2022 version 23.3.0. Also, the Creative Cloud Desktop app is required to install the TK9 plugin. Installation is not possible in "cracked" versions of Photoshop.
  • And much, MUCH more!

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TK9 Plugin for Photoshop

TK9 Button By Button Guide

TK9 Button-by-Button video series


This is Sean Bagshaw's comprehensive video course providing a complete button-by-button overview of the TK9 plugin. These videos are the best reference for in depth instruction on using the TK9 plugin. Watch samples by downloading the Getting Started with TK9 mini-series listed below. More info.

  • 47 video chapters covering all modules, all buttons, all menus, and all functions in the TK9 plugin for Photoshop.
  • Contains hidden features, best practices, and many useful tips.
  • Seven (7) hours of inclusive, easy-to-follow instruction.
  • 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, MP4 video format
  • Practice images and resource links included.
  • NOTE: This item does NOT include the TK9 plugin.


Getting Started with TK9

Getting Started with TK9 mini-series


To introduce users to the TK9 plugin for Photoshop, Sean Bagshaw has made available a free mini-series that covers important topics. These videos are from his TK9 Button By Button Guide listed above. They present practical tips for getting started with TK9 and offer an excellent preview of the full 47-chapter series that covers all functions of all TK9 modules in detail. The subjects covered in this mini-series are listed below.

  • TK9 introduction
  • New TK9 features
  • Installation
  • Optimizing color space settings
  • Module overview
  • Setting up the Photoshop workspace
  • TK9 menus and custom settings
  • How to back up and restore
  • How to find hidden features and functions
  • Workflow possibilities

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TK Magic Mixer plugin

TK Magic Mixer plugin NOTE: This plugin is not translated (English-only).


To get a more comprehensive overview of this plugin and to watch a video on how to use it, please visit this page.

The TK Magic Mixer plugin is a new, more logical and more efficient way to interact with Photoshop's Channel Mixer adjustment layer when using its "Monochrome" option. It allows for mixing the Red, Green, and Blue channels while keeping image brightness constant. This makes it possible to experiment more freely with different channel combinations without having to deal with varying brightness at the same time, as is the case when interacting with the Photoshop Channel Mixer using the Properties panel.

Channel mixing is a great way to convert color images to black and white. It offers exciting options not readily available with other Photoshop adjustments. To facilitate this, a "Randomize" button instantly generates new channel combinations with each click. Six color channel buttons also provide a unique starting point for mixing channels in ways not previously possible.

Sliders on the user interface offer additional ways to fine-tune channel combinations, and even brightness and contrast can be independently adjusted using sliders.

The plugin has several other features:

  • An optional user interface to match Photoshop's Channel Mixer.
  • Save and reload presets.
  • Color luminosity adjustment.
  • Image toning.
  • History state cycling to access previous channel mixes created with the Randomize button.
  • Global luminosity adjustment of color images instead of conversion to black and white.
  • Extensive tooltips.
  • Back up and restore user settings and presets.

If you are looking for new ways to interpret your images, especially in black and white, the Magic Mixer plugin offers new possibilities.

NOTE: Photoshop 2023 verssion 24.7.0 or later is needed to use this plugin.

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Magic Mixer plugin

"Iceland Highlands" complete workflow by Sean Bagshaw

Iceland Highlands photo


Iceland Highlands is a comprehensive workflow course by Sean Bagshaw that transports viewers from the stark beauty of Iceland to the inner beauty revealed during the image-processing workflow. Through a variety of techniques, Sean guides photographers in creating a final image that not only reflects a connection with the landscape but also showcases an artistic response to the inspiring light. The TK9 plugin streamlines several steps as Sean generously shares his decision-making process and explains how the image itself contributes to creative choices. The course encourages photographers to engage in the photographic process on several different levels. Overview and excerpts.

  • Over 3 hours of instruction (English only).
  • Practice images included (full-resolution Canon EOS R5 raw files).
  • 9 chapters (see list below).
  • Topic-focused chapters provide quick reference for easy review.
  • MP4 video format.
  • Transcripts included with directions for adding English captions to the videos.
  • 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD video resolution.

  • Course intro--An overview of digital tools used (including software and hardware), sources of inspiration, and a brief look at the photo-gathering adventure.
  • Camera settings and raw file information--How and why the different frames were taken, reviewing advantages of multiple exposures, using a polarizer, and blending in Photoshop vs. blending in Lightroom.
  • Raw adjustments--Establishing white balance, general tonal adjustments, removing noise, and synchronizing raw adjustments across various frames.
  • Blending multiple frames for light and composition--Working with smart objects, layer naming, aligning frames using Difference blend mode, making selections, re-adjusting raw files, using luminosity masks to create blending masks, and carful inspection and final mask modification.
  • Image cleanup and extending the sky--Spot-healing using TK9 Clean Dust action and Photoshop Remove tool, using Generative Fill, transforming using Transform Warp, filling transparent pixels, and edge-halo cleanup.
  • Mask preparation--Using the Object Selection and Lasso tool, Select and Mask, and TK9 to make Sky and Foreground masks.
  • Creative intentions for the creative process--Thoughts on adding mood and feeling to the image and using the development process to discover new ways to creatively interpret the scene.
  • Creative development--Part 1--Refining masks, using live gradients, light sculpting, and several techniques utilizing TK9, including modified luminosity masks, correct chromatic aberrations, the Layer Mask Calculator, and Paint Color technique.
  • Creative development--Part 2--Additional gradual and incremental adjustments utilizing radial gradient, auto-Levels, and additional TK9 techniques such ACR Orton, Mask-the-Mask, Add Color action, and combining masks with the Mask Calculator.


"Producing Better Prints" by Sean Bagshaw and Zack Schnepf

Producing Better Prints


Sean Bagshaw and Zack Schnepf have teamed up to create a comprehensive course focused on printing digital images. Whether you print using an at-home printer or send your image files to a commercial lab for printing, this series covers all the steps in the process from calibrating the computer monitor through considerations regarding print display. Printing from both Lightroom and Photoshop are covered in detail. This course is a video version of the live workshop Sean and Zack developed to help photographers make better prints. It's an excellent introduction to digital print-making for those new to the process and has valuable tips for all photographers looking to improve their print-making skills and produce higher quality prints. Watch excerpts.

  • 33 chapters with over 4-1/2 hours of instruction (plus two bonus chapters).
  • Practices images included so you can work along with the instructors.
  • MP4 video format with 1920 x 1080 HD video resolution.
  • 20% discount code for HD Aluminum Prints included.

  • Monitor calibration and workspace lighting.
  • Types of printers, and printing media.
  • Image file types and bit depth considerations.
  • Color management, color spaces, software settings, and ICC profiles.
  • Soft proofing, sizing, and print sharpening.
  • Hard proofing and fixing dark prints.
  • Ordering prints from a lab.
  • Displaying prints.
  • Bonus chapters on working with ICC profiles and using Topaz filters.
  • Workflows using both Lightroom and Photoshop.


"Umpqua Autumn" complete workflow by Sean Bagshaw

Complete Workflow: Umpquah Autumn image


Sean Bagshaw's new Umpqua Autumn video series provides a comprehensive walk-through of the creative process. It starts with a discussion of composition and light by reviewing several images from his trip into field and ends by adding the final touches that make the image as complete and elegant as possible. In between there's an inclusive look at the techniques, decision-making, and step-by-step progression required to bring out the best light in the scene. Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop, and the TK8 plugin are the main tools, but it's Sean's mastery in using these tools that create the real magic. This series is filled with new techniques he has not previously demonstrated, and his ability to share his knowledge with others makes them understandable and accessible. The course will provide viewers several new techniques to add to their photographic workflow and new ideas to stimulate their personal creativity. Watch samples.

  • 16 chapters with over 2 hours of instruction.
  • 11 practice images (full-resolution Canon EOS R5 raw files).
  • MP4 video format with 1920 x 1080 HD video resolution.

  • Gathering light in the field.
  • Exposure-blending, perspective-blending, focus-blending.
  • RAW file adjustments with an eye for doing additional processing in Photoshop.
  • Cropping decisions.
  • Lens distortion correction.
  • Road-mapping and demonstrating creative adjustments in Photoshop--burning, dodging, color adjustments, ACR filter, color grading with TK8, and much more.
  • Adding finishing touches and final tweaks.


The Complete Guide to Smart Object Techniques

Smart Objects course

$55  $40

Smart objects are one of those incredibly useful tools in Photoshop that seem a little hard to master. The concept sort of makes sense, but how do you apply it with real-world images? In this course, Sean Bagshaw takes a comprehensive look at smart objects, from the different ways to create them, how they work, and then practical and creative ways to add them to the workflow.

While the course focuses on smart objects, it is actually much more comprehensive. The techniques demonstrated will take you into parts of Photoshop you never knew existed and then show you how to do things you never imagined. Transformations, noise reduction, cloning, working with filters, using the Filter Gallery, exposure-blending, texture and clarity blending, printing, cloud-sculpting, split-toning, and using exaggerated Camera Raw effects are just some of the new skills you'll learn in this course. Watch samples.

  • Nearly 6 hours of content and over 40 video chapters--Intro ♦ What Are Smart Objects ♦ How to Create Smart Objects ♦ Drawbacks of Smart Objects ♦ Types - Converted ♦ Types - Opened ♦ Types - Duplicated vs. Copied ♦ Types - Embedded vs. Placed ♦ Cloning and Healing ♦ An Even Better Way To Clone ♦ Smart Transformations ♦ Intro to Smart Filters ♦ High Pass Clarity Filter ♦ Blur Smart Filters ♦ Vertical Tree Blur ♦ Moving Water Blur ♦ Blur Vignette ♦ Distance Blur and Depth of Field ♦ Soft Light - Orton Effect v1 ♦ Soft Light - Orton Effect v2 ♦ Adaptive Wide Angle Correction ♦ Smart Warp ♦ Perspective Changes - Warp ♦ Perspective Changes - Liquify ♦ Camera Raw Filter ♦ Third Party Filters ♦ Avoid Merging and Flattening ♦ Nesting Smart Objects ♦ Lab Color in RGB Images ♦ Intro to RAW Smart Object Techniques ♦ Noise Removal ♦ Texture - Clarity- Sharpening ♦ Cloud Sculpting ♦ Color Balancing ♦ Split Toning ♦ Sculpting Light and Color ♦ Soft Light - Orton Effect with Raw Files ♦ Single Exposure Blend ♦ Basic Exposure Blend with Raw Smart Objects ♦ Trees Against Sky Exposure Blend ♦ Forest Spotlight Exposure Blend ♦ Architectural Interior Exposure Blend
  • TK7 panel used in many steps.
  • 1920 x 1080 HD video resolution with practice images included.

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Sean's Favorite Photoshop Techniques, Volume 1

Favorite Techniques Icon

$45  $35

With nearly 20 years experience, Sean Bagshaw has collected a wealth of knowledge about photography. His artistic approach to image development makes use of many specialized techniques that infuse his pictures with light, color, and drama. In this newest video series, he takes you step by step through some of his favorite methods for creating the best light using Photoshop. The ultimate goal is to help you discover your own personal interpretation of the light and to find new ways to bring balance, creativity, and excitement to your photographs. Watch samples.

  • Extensive use of the TKActions V6 panel throughout the series.
  • 20 different techniques in 25 video chapters--Intro ♦ Philosophy of Photography ♦ About Luminosity Masks ♦ Color Grading with HSL ♦ Color Grading with Hue-Saturation ♦ Purify with Selective Color ♦ Split tone with Camera Raw ♦ Split tone with Color Balance ♦ Split Tone with Luminosity Masks ♦ Comparing Curves, Levels, and Brightness-Contrast ♦ Freehand Tonal Balance ♦ Tonal Balance with Luminosity Masks ♦ Protecting Highlights with Subtracted Masks ♦ Double Process for Tonal Balance ♦ Midtone Boost ♦ Making the Mask for Tonal Balance ♦ Finish with Auto Curves ♦ Freehand Dodge and Burn ♦ Light Sculpting with Selection ♦ Luminosity Painting ♦ Cloud Sculpting ♦ Digital Light Painting ♦ Vignette and Spotlight for Depth and Focus (Part 1) ♦ Vignette and Spotlight for Depth and Focus (Part 2) ♦ Outro.
  • 1920 x 1080 HD video resolution with practice images included.

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Sean's Favorite Photoshop Techniques, Volume 2

Favorite Techniques Icon

$45  $35

Sean Bagshaw's second "Favorite Techniques" series is again wide-ranging. Blending exposures is common with landscape photography, but doing it well requires choosing and properly utilizing the best method. There's an art to getting a good transition, and Sean shares his skills with different approaches. This series also takes a close look at unexpected challenges that sometimes occur in post-processing. Problem-fixing is the focus of several chapters, and, along with the artistic chapters, will insure you're well prepared to bring the best light to your photographs. Watch samples.

  • This second volume uses the TK7 panel.
  • 27 video chapters--Introduction ♦ Workflow, Luminosity Masks and TK Panel ♦ Double Processed Raw File Blend ♦ Land Selection Feathering Blend ♦ Sky Cutout Blend ♦ Luminosity Mask Blend ♦ Edge Halo and Artifact Issues ♦ Chromatic Aberration Fix ♦ Darker Color Clone Stamp Fix ♦ Clone Stamp with a Selection ♦ Image Clean-up with Frequency Separation ♦ Polarizer Sky Lasso Selection Method ♦ Polarizer Sky Inverted Sky and Curves Methods ♦ Double High Pass Clarity ♦ TK Dehaze ♦ Camera Raw Clarity-Texture-Dehaze ♦ Luminosity Based Clarity ♦ Color Based Clarity ♦ Control Color with Color Range Masks ♦ TK Make-It-Glow ♦ Lab Color ♦ Luminosity Painting with Color ♦ Frequency Separation Soft Glow ♦ TK Panel Orton Actions ♦ Soft Light With Levels ♦ Raw Image Orton Effect ♦ End.
  • 1920 x 1080 HD video resolution with practice images included.

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"Secret Beach" complete workflow by Sean Bagshaw

Secret Beach icon


  • Watch sample.
  • RAW files included to follow along from start to finish.
  • An in depth look at using masks, brushes, and organized layers in a non-destructive workflow.
  • The TKActions V4 panel is used in creative ways.
  • Generate and deploy luminosity masks to achieve seamless adjustments.
  • Two hours of instruction with one of today's leading landscape photographers.
  • SAVE $24!

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"Northland" complete workflow by Sean Bagshaw

Northland icon


  • Watch samples.
  • RAW files included to follow along from start to finish.
  • Sean's unique process for creating dramatic skies that blend perfectly with the rest of the image.
  • Many techniques utilize the TK Actions V5 panel.
  • Learn to use luminosity masks used to produce targeted effects.
  • Nearly two hours of Photoshop workflow creativity.
  • SAVE $24!

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"Lake Bled" complete workflow by Sean Bagshaw

Lake Bled icon


  • Watch samples.
  • RAW files included to follow along from start to finish.
  • Sean's provides the back-story and insightful thought process behind how to develop the image.
  • Extensive use of the TKActions V6 panel.
  • Select and adjust the image through creative use of luminosity masks.
  • Approximiately two hours of high-quality Photoshop instruction.
  • SAVE $24!

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Adobe Photoshop Essentials For Outdoor Photographers

Photoshop Essentials image

$55  $35

Sean Bagshaw's comprehensive video series covering the tools, techniques, methods, and secrets for using Photoshop to develop and creatively enhance nature photographs. This course is designed for photographers looking to start using Photoshop to improve their images and for those feeling overwhelmed by all its possibilities. Sean cuts through the clutter with clear explanations and demonstrations of those tools and techniques that are most beneficial for landscape and nature photographs. As practical guide for beginner and intermediate Photoshop users, Sean provides an in-depth perspective on how to use the program to bring the best light to your images. Watch samples.

  • Nearly 9 hours of instruction including 47 chapters plus 5 bonus chapters.
  • Practice images, review guides, and supplemental resources.
  • MP4 video format with 1920 x 1080 HD video resolution.

  • Preferences, settings, and customizing the workspace.
  • Raw adjustments; opening, closing, and saving images; and integration with Lightroom.
  • Image clean-up, basic exposure blending, and perspective transformation.
  • Understanding layers, masks, and selections.
  • Adjustment layers—Levels, Curves, Brightness/Contrast, Vibrance, Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, Selective Color, Black and White.
  • Working with smart objects.
  • Important tools—Move, Crop, Paintbrush, Healing Brush, Clone Stamp
  • Useful filters—Camera Raw, Adaptive Wide Angle, Blur, Sharpening, Shadow/Highlights.
  • Output options—For prints and for the web.
  • An hour of start-to-finish workflow demonstrations using two different images.

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Adobe and Photoshop are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe in the United States and/or other countries.

Thank you for your support and best wishes for good light −Tony Kuyper